Painting a house can be difficult and time-consuming. The fact is that repainting the interior of a house can take a long time, and for the exterior, it is not a cheap task. If someone is investing in something, the first thing that comes to mind is how long it will last and whether the investment is worth it.

Most homeowners choose residential painting services only occasionally. Extending the life of your paint can save you money as well as time in the long run. If you think that way, there is good news that it is easy to extend the lifespan of your home paint by more than a few years. That’s why here we’re sharing some expert-approved tips from painting contractors, to keep your exterior and interior paint on longer.

Proper Preparation Is The Key

Prep work can be tedious, but not doing it, can result in chips and flaking. Professional painting contractors know that prep time is longer than painting but beneficial. Clean the exterior & interior walls of the house, to remove any looseness or peeling. For best results, make sure all surfaces are clean and dry. Wash away any dirt or grime and dry the surface to maximize adhesion. A paintable sealant is applied to the edge of the window and a primer coat is applied to protect the wall from moisture penetration.

Paint At Optimal Times

This is the most important factor in determining the life of the paint. Temperature is an important factor in determining the adhesion of paint to a surface. Humidity, sunlight, extreme temperature changes, snow or rain, strong winds, and proximity to the ocean can cause chipping and peeling. Exterior paints work best at temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees. Spring and autumn are good seasons for residential painting services. Also, see the weather forecast and work when it doesn’t rain for at least a few days. Choose paint that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Wash And Dust The Walls Regularly

One of the most important ways to keep your paint looking fresh is to clean walls on regular basis. The exterior of your house can quickly become worn down with too much dirt, mold, or grime. Dirt is not only unsightly, but it also plays an important role in the shelf life of the paint. Use a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the interior walls. Use non-abrasive soap and water to wash away dirt and grease with a natural sponge.

For exterior walls, pressure washing can make the paint last longer and make it look new suggested by painting contractors. Not only does it wash away dirt, but it also prevents objects from pushing on the paint, causing premature cracking.

Quality Matters

Whether it is the exterior or interior of your home, the paint you use should be durable enough as it is exposed to the elements. Therefore, choosing a paint brand is more important than choosing a paint color for your home. For this reason, you will have to spend a relative amount of money as it not only prolongs the life of your house but also prolongs its life. A good quality house will keep the walls flat and protected from seepage. This increases the life of the house, and this moment cannot be missed in any way.

Prime Up Your Walls

The primer creates a glossier surface to which the paint adheres, reducing the risk of peeling or blistering. After applying a coat of primer, the paint surface adheres better and is much less prone to peeling. Primer produces a smoother and more uniform color. The potential for chipping or blistering of paint is greatly reduced and the final finish looks smoother and has a more uniform color. When using Primer and Stain in one unit, be sure to apply them twice.

Don’t Throw Leftover Paint

One of the biggest mistakes people make is throwing away all the leftover paint they have and not thinking long-term. There can be a lot of boring stuff that needs editing and recoloring. Some of the more common situations include leaks and scratches when there are children in the home. It will save a lot of money and energy at the same time. It also helps keep your walls cool and prolongs the life of your home.