A living room is one of the primary places in a house that needs to stand out in terms of attraction. Therefore, having the perfect colors for your living room is something that should be dearly focused upon. Here are some of the trending living room painting ideas that you can choose to bring out the best of your home’s interior appeal:

Harmony Green

Green is regarded as the color of renewal while it emits the natural element. Regarded as one of the standardized colors for living room paint, having green paint can actually uplift the natural aesthetics of your home. There’s no need to add natural plants in excess when you’ve got a green background for your living rooms. In addition, you can easily hire any Painting Contractor that would illuminate the best shade to go with your desired theme.

Shades of Gray

As mesmerizing as the color looks, gray gives a serene and elegant look to your living rooms. This color is particularly recommended for those places that are not spacious enough. It brings out a neutral look for the rooms, making them look neat and calm. In addition, you can easily choose to add dark-colored furniture and accessories that will become a complementing gift for the paint.

Calming Blue

Another trending color for living rooms that gives an alluring effect in your home is blue. Different shades of blue, including dark blue, matte, sky, neutral blue, etc. can easily be chosen to make your living room walls look appealing yet calm. You can add creme colored furniture or any upholstery of light color that would go best with the theme.

Majestic Black

Black has always been one of the favorite colors for home remodeling, especially for the interiors. Another compelling reason why black holds a special place in the paint kingdom is because of its definite theme that fits with any color. You can consider getting a black and white traditional combination or maybe add cream-colored upholstery that will fit best. In addition, you can choose a hardwood floor that will complement the paint fantastically.

Cute Peach

Peach is one of the trending colors that are becoming the customers’ choice for indoor painting. An exoticness that illustrates the color, peach can definitely brighten up your living room. It’s not necessary that you paint the entire wall. You can choose to paint the sides and leave the middle space white, hanging accessories, or for a fireplace. Moreover, wood furniture is definitely something that would complement the overall paint.


Instead of going bright reds for your interiors, you can choose crimson, which is a richer yet slightly damp shade of red. The color is beautiful in terms of making the place look warm and welcoming. The contrasting colors for the furniture can be browns or pinks that would give an exotic appeal to the room. Get your one of a kindred room ready!

Tulip Purple

A combination of silver and purple is something that is really worth investing in. Purple wall paints are a great way of hanging wall art since they serve as a perfect canvas for brightly painted art. For the accessories to choose from, you can easily opt for dark-colored perhaps maroon shaded upholstery and wooden side tables. If you’re not in the mood to make a dark theme for your living room, then perhaps choosing light colored upholstery would go best. A wooden floor or wooden textured carpet would give the finishing touches you need.