Painting a brick house can be an excellent way to give a house an overhaul. But the question that stands: should you paint brick houses? The answer is varied and can be different for different people based on their requirements. Therefore, the pros and cons of painting a brick house need to be kept in mind before making a decision to paint a brick house. 

Pros of Painting Brick House

Enhances The Aesthetics: 

The curb appeal of a brick house can be enhanced by painting the entire house. But the paint job needs to be extremely high-quality; to achieve this, high-quality paint, and primer of similar quality, should be used. Along with that, a painter with impeccable credentials also needs to be employed so that the paint job has that look that enhances its curb appeal and gives enhances its aesthetics. 

The Choice of Colors: 

How to Paint Bricks? If that is the question in your mind, then choosing a color that compliments the style and looks of the house is extremely important. An all-white or grey color can provide a classic look. Moreover, if someone is into vibrant colors, then they can also be used to give the house a distinct look.

Paint Color Choice for Brick Wall

Protection Against Changing Weather and Damages: 

As bricks are extremely porous, so, if they are left unpainted then debris and dirt can accumulate and make the bricks, and by extension, the house, look dirty and drab. Hence, getting a high-quality paint job done can protect the house against mold, mildew, and debris. Another reason painting a brick house can be beneficial is that the paint can act as a sealant and can protect the house against precipitation and other weather changes. 

Makes Cleaning Easier: 

A good paint job can make cleaning the exterior immensely easy. With power washing, the entire exterior of the house can be washed without any difficulty. On the other hand, if an unpainted brick house is extremely difficult to clean, and can also mar the look of the house as well. 

Cons of Painting Brick Home

Permanent Paint: 

If you ever decide to go back to the original brick exterior of the house, then that can be a problem. That is because the paint is permanent and removing it can be extremely costly. On the other hand, changing the paint to some other color can be done as many times as one desires. 

Frequent Washing and Cleaning: 

Although, painting a brick house is extremely easy but this ease can entail frequent washing and cleaning of the walls. That is because dirt and debris are more visible on a painted brick house, hence, causing one to clean the walls frequently with power washing. 

Detrimental Effects of Moisture:

Moisture is the bane of paint. And especially on a painted brick house, it can wreak havoc. Moisture can cause the paint on the walls to chip. The only way to deter moisture is to repaint the house every 7-10 years. Also, occasional repaints can keep the house looking good and fresh, and the fresh coat of paint can effectively deter the moisture from damaging it. But, painting already moisture-damaged bricks would only exacerbate the problem, not solve it.

Paint Damage Brick Wall

Tips Regarding Brick Exterior Paint: 

Can You Paint Brick Houses? If this is the question that is still baffling your mind, then here are a few tips to aid you in your decision-making.

Hire a Professional Painting Company: 

The DIY approach to painting a brick house seldom works. You need to hire a professional painting company to do the job for you. With their experience and their high-quality equipment, they are able to paint bricks the way they are supposed to be painted. Also, the benefit of hiring a professional painting company is that they will provide you with the proper guidance regarding the upkeep of a painted brick house. 

The Choice of Paint: 

Choosing paint is the critical part of painting a brick house. Therefore, you need professional guidance in order to choose the paint that works on brick houses. A primer that can be specifically used on brick houses should be used. Also, a paint that is high in quality would be perfect and will last a long time as well. 

Bottom Line:

Can you paint the exterior bricks of houses? Yes, you can paint exterior brick! Should you skip painting on a brick house? It all comes down to personal preference. Some people like the porous, rugged, and durable look a brick exterior exudes. While some people want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their house or just want to catch up with the latest trends. Whatever the case, a professional painting company can do the job most effectively and reliably.