Pressure Washing

Hard to believe it isn’t brand new! Pressure washing or power washing is an excellent way to keep your property looking pristine throughout the different elements that better Virginia throughout the year. Here at WG Painting, while painting is our main area of business, we also offer a range of power washing solutions. A power clean for your property by our highly training experts will leave your home looking spectacular; no matter if it is years or months of grime that has accumulated. Trusting in us to keep your house clean will in turn keep your property price up and keep the overall cost of maintenance down. Our job is making sure your home is in excellent repair!

We offer a range of different services to keep your home in tip top shape, performed by our experienced industry experts.

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Exterior Walls and Paths

Keep your walls clean with our pressure washing service for stone walls, driveways, paths and wood panelling. Using state of the art equipment our insured experts will ensure the removal of grit, mold, and weathering stains without damaging the wall’s surface; even for sensitive materials. Our experts are trained in the use of both low power clean settings as well as high powered settings to get the job done the right way!

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Exterior Decking

Your houses decking is very important and can collect a layer of grime that can make it a slip hazard over time. Pressure washing your deck is also a crucial way to maintain it and stop it from succumbing to wear and tear for as long as possible. While wooden surfaces are more delicate than stone, our experts are highly training in the use of their equipment to apply the right kind of power clean to your property.

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Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Making sure your roof and gutter are grime free is an excellent way to maintain them; getting the longest lease of life out them that you can. We offer pressure cleaning services specifically designed to clean rooftops and gutters to make sure they stay functional. Not only that, but clogged gutters can pose a health and safety risk. Keep that property price up, keep your property safe, and save money in the long term through this quick, simple and effective maintenance solution.

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