Governments worldwide are becoming aware of the significant potential of IoT; therefore, they are supporting and funding R&D activities related to the IoT landscape. They strive for improvements and innovations in smart traffic management systems, energy conservation through the deployment of smart meters, and improvements in security systems through smart cameras, among others. The governments of these countries financially support the initiation of new IoT research Spiral model projects to develop and run smart cities in the future. Using several different platforms in the exploratory phases can help customers compare and understand which platform works best for their needs. In some cases, companies even build up a test lab with real data – then invite the shortlisted platform vendors to connect their platforms and show what they can do. But ultimately, it’s a management decision and the CEO typically has the final say – so choose wisely.

The IoT also offers the benefit of remote experts, who can monitor and troubleshoot systems remotely, removing the need for onsite experts. IoT technology has bridged the gap between remote monitoring and collaborative functioning. IoT platforms enable to realize IoT projects and build IoT solutions faster, cheaper and better. Their essential features/capabilities are on the level of connectivity and network management, device management, data acquisition, processing analysis and visualization, application enablement, integration and storage. Launched in 2015, Predix is General Electric’s software platform for the collection and analysis of data from industrial machines. Predix is a cloud-based PaaS which claims to enable industrial-scale analytics for asset performance management and operations optimization by providing a standard way to connect machines, data, and people. GE is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium which works to aid the development and use of industrial internet technologies.

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Sharing a lot of similarities with each other, IoT platforms still differ dramatically by their end-user profile. That’s why choosing the best IoT platform for your specific case will depend on your use case, the size of your development team, and your budget. Complex solutions from premium vendors cost more and are harder to maintain but deliver greater capabilities, broader solution ecosystems, and top-notch SLAs. “Fast-service” IoT platforms, on the other hand, offer simple start-up and faster time-to-market but may lack the industry-specific capabilities required by advanced IoT use cases. Google Cloud IoT is basically an IoT solution built on top of the Google Cloud Platform. It provides a complete set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud.

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IoT news for the week ending Nov. 5, 2021.

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Advanced cars, buses, trains, and bicycles along with roads and/or rails are becoming more equipped with sensors, actuators, and processing power. These IoT-enabled devices enable Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication for traffic reduction and increase in overall security. The devices help collect real-time vehicle location information and data and enable the traffic controllers to analyze and improve routes based on real-time data analysis. For instance, congestion information is available to the travelling public via smart maps with real-time data updates. Through best IoT platforms, the information is also used in back offices to make strategic decisions regarding congestion management. A smart home or building is equipped with a special connected platform that enables occupants to control and program an array of automated electronic devices remotely.

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Ayla’s platform provides many features out of the box, and is a platform that is continuously being enriched with new features and capabilities. The team at Ayla is very friendly and is always ready to listen to their customers and act on the feedback and roadmap asks.

Salesforce IoT cloud will help you to transform all data which is generated by the customers, partners, devices, and sensors into relevant actions. How to select the best Internet of Things platform depends on the requirements of a company for hardware, real-time access, custom reports, budget, development skills, and the business model.

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The acquisition of ThingWorx positioned PTC as a major player in the IoT market. ThingWorx is a platform for the rapid development and deployment of smart, connected devices. It’s a set of integrated IoT development tools that support connectivity, analysis, production, and other aspects of IoT development. It is an enterprise-ready technology platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. It is available only by subscription model which gives customers the benefits of faster access to new ThingWorx features and enhancements, flexibility, lower upfront costs, and cloud deployment options. PTC’s ThingWorx software still constitutes a smaller fraction of total revenue. It remained PTC’s fastest-growing business, growing 33 percent year over year in the second quarter to $29 million.

When we started around IoT topics for the makers, we underwent a brief comparison of the platforms from various aspects. We discovered Node-RED and saw different services of IBM Watson is easier to connect by a n00b on Node-RED. The Log4j 2 flaw has a base CVSS score of 10 and enables remote code execution against applications, cloud services and PC games …

And when you start looking at each of the different levels of functionality you can go further. In an article on selecting the best edge platform for your needs we dive deeper into some critical edge capabilities. In the previously mentioned article on IoT device lifecycle management we dive deeper into that aspect and so on. All the different terms for various IoT platforms we used so far in the end are platforms that all more or less have that same essential role and set of capabilities. So, let’s start with an introduction to IoT platforms, their role and key features, before embarking on a selection criteria journey. If you want more information about a specific IoT platform type, market data or any other IoT platform topic, please use the table of contents above. Most of the engagements of Huawei was from the smart city segment due to the fact that they are strong in connectivity as Huawei is one of the world’s largest suppliers of infrastructure (telephony/networking) equipment.

IIoT would attract significant investments for manufacturing enterprises in the coming future. Most of the IIoT systems are being interconnected through a mesh of internet-enabled endpoints. IIoT represents a unique opportunity of deploying a platform-based approach, a single flexible hardware architecture deployed across multiple heterogeneous applications. The growing awareness about IIoT is spurring the demand forbest IoT platformsin the market.

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If we talk about the IoT architecture, then it can be explained as a system in which there are various elements, protocols, sensors, cloud services, actuators and layers. Typically, there are four stages of the IoT architecture that are sensors and actuators, iot platform vendors Edge IT, Internet getaways and data acquisition systems and Data center and cloud. Although we’ll look at security in a scope of edge capabilities below we of course need to mention it among the many IoT platform selection criteria overall.

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It is built on the synergy of Mango IoT Platform and BitBox USA IoT Platform and claims to be “profoundly simple” – meaning turnkey software and hardware solutions without the need for complex IoT development. Radix IoT also features a line-up of IoT gateways, addressing small as well as large-scale IoT applications. IoT is about gathering data from physical devices and transferring it to digital space for further analysis. These are two different technologies that complement each other, resulting in efficient solutions. Google launched its platform for Internet of Things development on the basis of its end-to-end Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Cloud IoT platform provides a complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing IoT data in real time to support operational efficiency. Google Cloud IoT platform uses Cloud Pub or Sub underneath to aggregate dispersed device data into a single global system.

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With worldwide coverage and the SIMs’ ability to automatically switch to the network with the best signal, CMP minimizes the risk of the device being offline. The presence of comprehensive security features eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to the IoT network. The platform also helps analyze the amount of data being transferred over a network and automatically routes them to avoid congestion that can result in the network crashing. The network management platform also offers various benefits such as access to experts, routine monitoring, optimized operations, cost-effectiveness, prevention of business disruptions, increased productivity, and minimized security risks. The IoT platform helps connect and manage all the devices in an IoT ecosystem. It provides business users with connectivity, storage, and information about customers. These platforms provide real-time analysis of the incoming data by triggering event aggregation, filtering, and correlation.

ThingWorx IoT platform enables the user to easily and securely connect devices to the cloud, and intelligently process and store product and sensor data. Usually, IoT platforms have a programming environment where users may create certain programs, or at least lay the foundations, with little to no technical coding. A variety of systems provide different levels of software assistance, allowing for specific modifications with a greater degree of programming. The goods in this group provide different tool kits to build custom IoT applications. A company can exploit these technologies with the aid of smart sensors and routers to turn artifacts into smart objects which can execute a range of intelligent tasks and produce actionable insights during the process. Comparison of an IoT framework may be extremely difficult as IoT platform providers each have a specific approach to developing and implementing such applications. The following are some of the primary functions that users may encounter when deciding on the best IoT platforms.

  • Ability to create multi-realms combined with account management and identity service.
  • For us, option were two – IBM and Google as simply in our website we never worked with platform of cloud platforms of AWS and Microsoft for server and storage.
  • T has an off-the-shelf application which provides a great time to market and quality.
  • It provides support for HTTP, lightweight communication protocol, and MQTT.

And it’s more than a matter of authentication, certification and encryption or about just a few parts of the overall IoT stack such as IoT devices or communication protocols and networks. While edge capabilities typically are seen as adding to security for several reasons, IoT projects and deployments need security by design in an end-to-end way . Security plays on all levels of the IoT stack so certainly also in selecting the best IoT platform for your needs, use cases and roadmap. They represent IoT platform performance and evaluation criteria which serve as IoT platform selection criteria.

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Google supports strong offering in containers as Google ha developed the Kubernetes standard that AWS offers now. Google Cloud platform is specialized in offering high computing like Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning. In the end, it depends on your requirement to make one choice between Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure for IoT solution development. Node-RED is an IoT programming tool used for wiring together hardware devices, online services, and APIs creatively. The IoT tool deploys the browser-based flow editor to deploy the flow in a single click. General Electrics Predix have also decided to take steps into the Pass game.