It is important to know the type of painting job you want to get. For starters, it is a long-term investment, one that you do not get every day. Besides, if a paint job is not flawless, then what is the point of it? So, the question comes down to whether one should opt for residential or commercial painting services. Let’s help you decide. 

Residential Vs Commercial Painting 

To put it simply, residential painting services are for residences or homes, so are the residential painters. The job of residential painters is to handle both the exterior and interior of a home. Moreover, there are other features of the home that may need a paint job. This includes the decks, trimmings, cabinet doors, etc.  

On the other hand, commercial painting services work at a larger scale. They help refurbish office buildings, hospitals, schools, malls, sports arenas, etc with their expertise in the paint job. 

Commercial painters take responsibility for projects of all sizes and work with more complex equipment than residential painters. The commercial painters usually work in the bulk of many because the size of the projects is big and is supervised by an assigned head contractor.  

Here are some of the more prominent differences between residential and commercial painting services: 

1. The Scope of the Painting Project 

The size of the project assigned to the residential or commercial painters differs on a massive scale. Residential painters focus on apartments, houses, small living spaces, and at times even single rooms in a house such as just the kitchen or the bathroom. So, the scope is small-scale.  Residential contractors can paint the exterior and interior of a home that is under renovation. 

On the other hand, commercial painting projects are done on a large scale. It includes shops, office buildings, airports, schools, malls, hospitals, or corporate buildings. Hence, obviously, the scope of the projects is on a massive scale! 

2. The Number of Contractors or Painters

Well, this goes without saying. But, commercial painting projects require a large number of painters since the surface area that needs to be covered is large. Besides, commercial painting companies need to meet strict project deadlines. 

But, the residential projects can be done even by a single painter or contractor. And residential painting projects do not have strict deadlines, homeowners may be more flexible with timing. 

3. The Painting Equipment, Tools, and Machinery 

The residential contractors have the responsibility of small projects, at times only a small room. Hence, the tools and equipment are not too complexed. A simple roller brush and a small ladder may suffice. 

But, commercial painting equipment is more complex and advanced. It may require the use of big machinery and complex painting tools. 

4. The Scale of Project Management 

Let’s talk about commercial painting project management first. It requires the painters to be more efficient and punctual in meeting deadlines because businesses cannot be disrupted for too long. Imagine a hospital being shut down for weeks because the walls need to be painted? Doesn’t make sense right. 

Besides, if the commercial painting projects are delayed, it will only cost the company a lot in the long run. Commercial projects require many contractors to collaborate together to get the job done by sharing experience and resources. Hence, project management is of utmost importance here. And, a credible project manager is needed to supervise the job. 

Now, if we take a look at the project management for a residential painting job, it can rightly be said that the approach can be much easier and relaxed as compared to a commercial project. The contractor is only focused on pleasing one client that is the homeowner and the job can easily be accomplished by a single man’s efforts. 

5. The Amount and Type of Paint 

If we compare the quantity of paint for residential and commercial projects, we can easily see that commercial projects require a large quantity of paint. Since a larger amount of paint is needed for a commercial job, the time required also increases on the same scale. But, residential projects can be done in two to three paint buckets. 

Moreover, the type of paint used in commercial projects is of a higher quality than that used in residential projects. This is because commercial buildings need long-lasting paint jobs. 

Besides, a good paint manufacturer can make better quality paints that provide better and long-lasting coverage. The use of poor quality, cheap paints not only increases the efforts and labor but is not cost-effective in the long run.