Carpentry and Drywall Repair

While painting is an expertise we thrive in with our premium painting services, we are also pleased to let you know that we offer professional carpentry and drywall repair services. We at WG Painting know that for some homeowners and business owners, nothing can beat sharp, high quality craftsmanship to give your property that extra attention to detail that does wonders! Our expert craftsmen are not only highly skilled, but both insured and qualified to get the job done in a timely, effective manner. We love working closely with our clients to give you that one-on-one customer service experience that will help us deliver a professional service that will leave your property standing out.

Our hand-picked handyman for your situation can offer you exquisite residential and commercial carpentry services that include drywall repair with a wide range of top notch sheetrock to choose from to give you the control of personal touch. Our sheet rock is sourced from only the best supplied to allow our handyman to give you the best quality end product on the market. You can trust our years of industry experience to craft that perfect aesthetic that you are after.

Commercial and Residential Services

We offer a wide range of commercially orientated exterior carpentry services such as: wood rot repair, door work, window work, trip work, stair repair or replacement, deck and patio repair or replacement, the installation of fences and gates, termite damage repair and much more; all tailored to your personal business needs.

We also offer the following interior services: drywall repair, sheetrock installation, flooring installation, customized woodwork on cabinets and furniture including installation of cabinets, window and door work, trim work and wood panelling, floor installations and, again, much more; designed to give you full control over your woodwork needs.

If you are uncertain if we offer a service you need, be sure and reach out to us for recommendations on what service would best suit your situation and needs.

Our aim is to deliver a five star customer service experience in a quick, efficient, and effective manner to get you the home design you want without unnecessary hassle.

a carpentry job being handled by a contractor
sheetrock being applied to a home
a contractor conducting a drywall repair
a handyman applying his expertise to the job