Mixing interior and exterior paints can seem like a great idea. Interior paints include organic pigments that save the walls from staining and excessive moisture. Exterior paints have synthetic pigments to bear the harsh sunlight. There are a lot of differences between interior and exterior painting. You can use these two types in combination if you want. However, you need to understand the pros and cons of mixing these two paints. We have compiled a list of pros and cons just for you.


There are various benefits of mixing interior and exterior paints. If you mix them properly you might get a good solution. Read on to find out the pros of using leftover paint in your home.

  • Saves A Trip To The Store

When you use the paints in your home, you don’t have to run to the nearest shop after a few hours. You can save time and money by mixing interior and exterior paints. Your home will get a makeover without emptying your pockets by using the leftover. You can also hire exterior painters from Richmond VA to get a smooth coat of paint for your walls.

  • Reduces Waste

Instead of wasting the paint that you have, you can use it to cover any extra space in your house. Decorate your favorite room, or design a private study by recycling the interior and exterior paints in your home. With several options available for redesigning, you can refurbish any space in a matter of hours.

  • Green Solution

Buying new paints can expose you and your family to a wave of toxic fumes. Get a green solution by combining the exterior and interior paints already stored in your space. The toned-down paints will reduce exposure and keep your family safe from toxins.  

  • Mixing Old And New Paints

By mixing old and new paints, you can get an attractive texture for your interior and exterior walls. It is better to use a combination of interior and exterior paints in your rooms rather than the outside. Covering your interior walls with this combination will save them from dampness and spills.

  • Vibrant Colour Combination

Mixing interior and exterior paints can result in vibrant color combinations. If you have contrasting colors, such as white and black, you can create psychedelic images in your home. You could also mix the colors in a can to find the right hue. Induce your creative energy by painting colorful images and designs.


The downside of mixing interior and exterior paints can be disheartening. The following disadvantages of combining different types of paints are as under:

  • Low-Quality Applications

Since the mixture of interior and exterior paints has a volatile discrepancy. When you apply these paints without proper preparation, the mixture might lose its consistency. Scrape off the old paint first to ensure that the paint sticks properly to the wall. 

  • Patchy Coat

As you apply the mixture of interior and exterior paint on your walls, make sure you have to cover all the walls. You may not be able to estimate the proper amount of paint for all the walls. As a result, you will have a patchy coat of paint. It is, therefore, better to avoid a low-quality mixture and hire interior painters in Richmond VA

  • Debris

The worst thing about using old interior and exterior paints is the debris mixed inside them. The paint seems smooth once you mix it in the container. When you apply the paint on a wall, the debris will start showing through the first coat. 

  • Fall Out

Applying paint is easy. Keeping it in place is difficult. With a mixture of interior and exterior paint, you face the problem of fallout. The paint mixture will start to fall out in scales after a few months. Buying new paint will keep your walls covered for more than a year. 

  • Mixing Paints of Different Brands

Mixing interior and exterior paints is plausible. However, mixing paints of different brands can be hazardous. You don’t know the consistency and texture of each painting. It will therefore be difficult to predict the reaction of the components of the paint. Such a combination can also damage your walls permanently. Avoid mixing paints of different brands at all costs. 

Take Away

The prospect of mixing interior and exterior paints can be exciting but, its aftereffects can be expensive. If you use high-quality paint, it will last longer. If you use a mixture of paint, you can save money. The choice is yours.